Tips To Treat Acne The Natural Way Using Acne Home Remedies

Acne is a skin condition that is very common among teens. It is better to treat acne naturallyrather than straight away heading for strong medications which may have many side affects. Before we look into some effective acne home remedies it is important to understand the causes of acne development, before doing its proper treatment. The main cause of acne development is the over-productivity of our skin glands, sebaceous glands. It is believed that this over-activity is triggered by the hormonal imbalance in the body, especially after the puberty.

Due to the over-activity of skin glands they secrete the excessive amount of secretion, called sebum. The normal quantity of sebum is good and helpful for the softness and nourishment of our outer skin tissues. But excessive sebum production is not good for our skin because it is accumulated under the skin where a special type of bacteria attack and start growing and multiplying. Due to this bacterial activity, the toxins are produced and infection and inflammation is produced. This results in the formation of whiteheads and blackheads on the skin which are the signs of acne.

Let’s Look Into Some Effective Acne Home Remedies:

1) Vitamin B5 For Acne Cure:   

It is observed that vitamin B5 can help in acne cure. The reason is that vitamin B5 can inhibit the activity of our skin glands. When proper quantity of this vitamin is present in our body, it affects our skin glands directly and as a result their production is decreased. Due to decrease in production, less sebum is accumulated under the skin and overall acne condition is improved. So, you should take the natural sources of this vitamin to maintain its required level in the body. Liver, split peas and beans are the rich sources of this vitamin. You can also take the supplement of this vitamin, after asking your physician.

2) Use Glycolic Acid To Treat Acne Naturally:  

Another safe and effective way to treat acne is to use the natural sources of glycolic acid. The glycolic acid helps in removing the dead skin cells and also opens the partially closed skin pores. Due to these effects, the excessive sebum oil is secreted out of the body in lesser time and there is overall improvement in the acne condition. Glycolic acid is also very helpful in improving the appearance of acne scars on the skin. The natural rich source of glycolic acid is sugar cane.

3) Honey Mask Is A Good Acne Home Remedy:    

One of the effective and natural acne home remedies is to use the honey mask. What you need is sufficient quantity of honey with some quantity of Cinnamon Powder. Mix them well to make a homogeneous paste. Before going to bed, wash off your face with lukewarm water. Now, apply this honey paste on your face. Cover all parts of your face for proper effect. You can, now, go to your bed for sleeping. In the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water properly. You need to repeat this process for 2-3 times per week. After about 4-5 weeks, you will notice improvement in your acne condition. This remedy will also make your skin soft, fresh and supple.

Do You Have Some More Acne Home Remedies To Add To the Above List?  

I hope you have found this article useful. Please comment on this article, to improve or further add some more acne home  remedies to treat acne the natural way.

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